Frequently Asked Questions

Jujupod’s Positive Effects

Is everything in my Jujupod real?

Yes Absolutely ! Your Jujupod is infused with a very precise combination of natural molecules used in both Holistic and Modern Sciences 

What’s inside my Jujupod?

Packed into the Jujupod lie hundreds of molecules scientifically proven to have a positive effect in the world we live in.

Here's a small sample of the power contained in each Jujupod:

A by-product of FIRE and is an organic compound found in smoke with scientifically proven regenerating powers.

Quartz Crystal
Since ancient times, quartz crystal is known as a source of light to mankind.

From the ancient Greek adamas, meaning ‘unbreakable,’ diamond is considered a master healer for its ability to unify the mind and body.

Plus hundreds more!


How can I benefit from Jujupod?

Our happiness and positivity are linked to the way we think and believe. Your jujupod is designed with the sole purpose of transmitting a positive energy linked to you.

See the How It Works page for a detailed breakdown of how the Jujupod works. (link)


The Jujupod unit

How big is my Jujupod?

35mm x 7mm (approximately 1 ⅜“ x ¼”).


Can I turn my Jujupod off?

Yes, simply remove the centre core in the Jujupod.



Can my Jujupod replace my medical treatment?

NO  The Jujupod Pod is not a substitute or alternative for conventional medical or mental health psychological diagnosis and treatment .  

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